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Cross bikes, the all-terrain road bikes


This kind of bike has many names: cyclocrosser, cyclocross bike and cross bike. However, regardless of what they are called, they can all be ridden off-road as fast as a road bike. In the general trend towards fitness, enthusiasm for cross bikes continues to grow. Spread across Europe’s race circuits, thousands of riders rejoice in dirt and mud. ROSE has been building high-end cyclocross bikes for years. ROSE bikes have been tested against the toughest of standards in countless races and these findings help to develop new bikes.

But cross bikes are also in their element away from the forest. They also cut a fine figure on the road, as well as on cycle paths and gravel paths. They are thus suitable for a wide range of riding and ideal as training equipment for fitness enthusiasts and amateur cyclists. Our challenge was to combine the best of two very different worlds. The components used to build ROSE cyclo cross bikes as robust as those components used for mountain bikes. In order to successfully master the varied cyclo cross terrain, the equipment should be carefully adapted to each bike. Specially developed ROSE frames with a very sporty geometry, robust wheels with thin cross tyres, tyres with a knobby yet fast tread and other selected components turn each model into a versatile and all-round harmonious cyclo crosse bike.

One of the mountain bike’s key influences is the increasing use of disc brakes on cross bikes. This is a development that we have of course picked up on at ROSE and have transferred to our bikes. Strong braking performance and greater durability in wet conditions have made them superior to conventional rim brakes on terrain. Moreover, they are only slightly heavier. Whether for nature lovers, endurance athletes or curious newcomers, cyclocross bikes are a wonderful way to live passions that are as varied as the sport itself.