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cep cycling clothes
Performance-enhancing functional clothing

cep is the manufacturer of performance-enhancing, functional cycling clothing of medi GmbH & Co. KG from Bayreuth. Functional clothes are essential for cycling, as they can help pro and hobby cyclists to improve their performance. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the close-fitting cep "function wear" helps to achieve good results in competitive cycling, as the direct pressure on the skin has a positive influence on the oxygen supply. Another feature is the muscle stimulation that has a positive effect in cycling according to specialists in sports medicine. The diameter of the arteries becomes larger so that more blood can flow through them. 

Specially shaped functional clothing for cyclists – cep 
Sportswear from the cep cycling collection helps cyclists of both sexes to improve their performance with specially shaped functional clothing on the race track. cep compression socks stand out for high comfort and an optimal fit on toes, foot, Achilles heel and calf. The seams are designed to prevent painful abrasions or open wounds that could harm you on your way to the finish when giving your best on the bike. Microfibre technology, moisture management, an Achilles tendon protector and a comfort cuff are features with which the manufacturer of performance-enhancing and functional cycling clothes helps both men and women to increase their performance on the road.  


“I have already been a convinced cep fan for many years now. And this is not without reason! The socks reduce muscle vibrations during sport. That’s why my legs don’t feel that tired after running.
In summer, they additionally offer excellent protection from UV rays. My tip: Make your socks wet before training to enjoy a pleasant cooling effect.
I also like to wear the socks in autumn and winter though. Worn underneath a pair of long tights or in combination with cycling shorts in autumn, they keep you comfortably warm.
Yet, I don’t just use the socks for sports. On long working days, trade fairs or air travel, too, cep socks are comfortable to wear and protect your legs from fatigue.
After intensive workouts, I use the cep Recovery socks. They help my legs recover faster. That’s why I even wear them while sleeping.”


“When cep presented us their new 3.0 Run socks, I had to admit I didn’t know a thing about compression socks. ‘Compression socks? Not for me!’ was my first reaction. Yet, I sceptically accepted the offer to simply test the socks for a while.
On the next training session, I wore the socks for the very first time. I was already surprised by their fit when putting them on. The socks fit perfectly and provide gentle support without constricting. During training I felt as if my legs had more stamina. Whether it was because of the socks? Possibly! After a few test rides I can say: Definitely! The socks not just provide support during training, but also speed up recovery afterwards.
So even though I was very sceptical at first, I’ve become a compression sock supporter at the age of 29. Whether for training or recovery: The socks have become an essential part of my training routine.”