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Increase your power and speed your recovery with Compex

The Swiss company Compex offers a huge range of different electric stimulators for best training successes. With twenty years of experience in this area, the devices by Compex provide a safe way to aid rehabilitation, support pain relief and to generally improve your physical performance.

Different programmes and categories allow you to stimulate and tone, train or relax a large number of muscle groups. You can also determine whether you would like to focus on power or endurance.

The effectiveness of Compex stimulators has been confirmed in clinical studies and the devices can even be used to prevent injuries. The Muscle Intelligence™ technology automatically adapts the stimulation to the individual physiological characteristics of the user to provide the most effective electrostimulation possible.

Another interesting feature is the miniaturized mi sensor that makes the stimulators suitable for versatile use. A close cooperation with physiotherapists, pain patients, hobby athletes and professional athletes helps to further improve the products and to adapt them to the different fields of use. The training with Compex can either complement your standard workouts or even replace a traditional training session.  

A special concern of the company that focuses on health care is high user friendliness. A wireless transfer as well as a web connection of selected products offer the athletes numerous possibilities to use the devices.