your German expert for bicycle helmets and sports glasses

Comfortable cycle helmets and state-of-the-art sports glasses from Germany - for the family-owned company uvex from Fürth, everything revolves around your safety in the areas of sports and leisure time, and in the occupational health and safety sector. This has been the case since 1926. 

A forerunner in safety on the bike 
In order to achieve a high level of product quality, the helmets and glasses are mainly manufactured in Germany and Europe. For decades, uvex has offered a wide range of cycling products. On road bikes, MTBs or for comfortable tour riders: The cycle helmets from uvex are used in every situation where protection is demanded in accordance with the latest industrial standards and modern technologies. 

Helmets and glasses for all areas of bike use 
uvex helmets are available for adults and children. Their field of use is as widely diversified as the design of the helmets. Whether for on the road, on your favourite trail or for fashion-conscious city cruising - at uvex you can find the right solution for every trip. 

Safety and modern design 
uvex helmets and glasses are available in many different colours. Simply select your favourite helmet and protect your head completely according to your taste. A great thing: There are also helmets available in colours for ladies. 

A clear objective: Fulfil and exceed safety standards 
uvex products should not only fulfil relevant standards, but exceed them. Safety, functionality and robustness are all fully tested. Apart from internal tests, the bike products are also tested by testing institutes (TÜV). Shock absorption, strap strength and the fit of the helmet on the head - uvex is only satisfied when everything harmonises. In case of sports glasses, the UV protection, the determination of the light transmission level, the signal light identification and the mechanical strength of the lenses are tested beside the optical quality. It is not without reason that the brand name uvex is an acronym for "ultraviolet excluded" - thus standing for a high level of ultraviolet protection when riding in the sun.