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First comes the cleaning. With appropriate cleaning accessories, brushes, sponges and running water, you can remove dirt thoroughly from the frame and components.
Take care of your frame and components by using care products with a protective function. These products maintain the material and leave behind a protective film to protect against dirt and water.
After cleaning and preservation many components need to be lubricated. This ensures optimal shifting as well as smooth and easy functioning of suspension fork, crank etc.
You want to do your first own repairs on your bike or you’re looking for basic tools for your home workshop? Then you have come to the right place! These tools should not be missing in any hobby workshop.
Replacing the cassette, centering the wheels, shortening the chain - we offer a wide range of special tools for these jobs. These are our favourites.
Frequent riders should take a look at their saddle at the start of the season. Is the outer material chafed or porous? Is the padding still intact and fully functional? Depending on the condition of the saddle you should consider buying a new one. These are our favourites for the new season.
Pedals should also be checked regularly. Is the tread still sufficiently grippy? Are all pedal pins still present? Does the click system still work perfectly? Do the pedals squeak with every pedal stroke? Then it's time for a new pair! Maybe you want to upgrade to pedals with an integrated power meter? These are our favourite pedals.
Take a critical look at your brakes before every single ride, especially at the start of the season. Are the brake pads and brake discs still within the wear limit? Are the brake cables and brake lines intact or is brake fluid leaking somewhere? Are the brakes working properly? Here you find the required spare parts, maintenance and bleeding kits for your brakes.
The cassette and chain are particularly stressed by constant friction and many shifting operations. Here too, you should check during spring cleaning if components need to be replaced. A sluggish gear shift and a jumping chain could be signs that you should invest in new components. Here you can find our selection of cassettes and chains for road, MTB, trekking and e-bike.
No matter whether you pull your bike out of the garage right now or have been riding through the winter - tyres and inner tubes should also be checked thoroughly. Are there any visible damages? Is the tube porous? Is the tyre worn out or are the carcass threads visible? Time for new ones!
There are also some parts on your handlebar that maybe need to be exchanged at the start of the season. On a racing bike, for example, the handlebar tape could be worn out after last season. But mountain bikers and trekking riders should also check whether their grips still offer sufficient grip. Mobile phone holder, bell etc should also be checked for proper functioning and should be replaced if necessary.
Now is also the perfect time to equip your bike with new accessories. A new bottle holder, a functional luggage rack, a trendy bike bag, or a high-tech bike computer - treat yourself and your bike with an upgrade!