Cycling Essentials for All Surfaces & Conditions

Cycling Essentials For All Conditions

GripGrab is about enriching lives through cycling. GripGrab envisions a future where every cyclist is inspired and enabled to live out their cycling potential. The brand’s mission is to create cycling essentials for all conditions that enable cyclists to live out their ambitions.

Never Lose Your Grip

Award-winning cycling gloves

Comfort and control are key to your performance and your enjoyment on every ride, whether you are racing fast or exploring off the beaten track. GripGrab’s award-winning gloves deliver comfort and control for every style of rider. InsideGrip technology – a silicone pattern on the inside of the gloves – means you never lose your grip, even when the gloves are wet. DoctorGel padding provides comfort even on rough roads and trails. Finally, high quality breathable fabrics and synthetic suede palms allow your hands to breathe and retain their grip. Stay comfortable and in control this summer.

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Colour Up Your Summer

Summer cycling socks in a rainbow of colours

Cycling socks are essential all year round. Lightweight summer cycling socks from GripGrab will wick sweat away from your skin to keep you drier, fresher and riding in comfort for longer. Take on those sweltering climbs and tick off the kilometres under the hot summer sun with the confidence that you look and feel great. When autumn rolls around, warmer socks – such as the GripGrab’s Merino Blend range – will keep your toes warm as the chill factor increases and those early morning rides are cool and fresh.

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Keep A Cool Head

Cycling headwear to keep you comfortable

On the warmest summer days, many riders will try to wear as little kit as possible – including bare heads under helmets. However, cycling headwear such as the GripGrab Summer Skull Cap can help with sweat management and comfort: a wide peak provides shade, while the mesh material allows your head to breathe and wicks away moisture. For an even lighter option, GripGrab’s Bandana or Sweatband will help to keep perspiration out of your eyes. When the temperature drops in autumn, warmer options such as GripGrab’s breathable skull caps or beanies will keep your head warm and comfortable.

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