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Sustainability Code

Sustainability Code

Our vision and mission for a green business

The bicycle is helping our society to become more sustainable. Through our commitment to mobility and the environment, to the sparing use of materials and resources, as well as to responsible and fair dealings in business and with people, ROSE aims to significantly increase this positive effect. ROSE’s Sustainability Code obligates all employees to implement and uphold the visions, goals, and missions defined therein.


Our Goals

The bicycle should be the #1 transportation method for short distances and Germany should be a country of cycle commuters.

By 2025, ROSE should be climate-neutral across all areas. In 2018, we still factored in 2,815 tons of CO2 emissions. Our binding objective is to reduce these emissions actively and through equalizing measures to less than 1,500 tons by the end of 2022 and down to zero within the following three years.

  • Climate-Neutral by 2025
    Climate-Neutral by 2025

    Our binding objective is to completely reduce the CO2 emissions down to zero by the end of 2025.

  • 90% Recycled Material
    90% Recycled Material

    By end of 2022 we will use at least 90% recycled material in the packaging of our products.

  • More Digital. Fewer Kilometres.
    More Digital. Fewer Kilometres.

    Meetings with partners and suppliers should be increasingly virtual to reduce unnecessary business trips.

  • Renewable Energy
    Renewable Energy

    The goal for our photovoltaic installations is to produce more electricity than we need.


This is how we will achieve our goals



Climate-friendly mobility

ROSE is already a trendsetter in terms of sustainability mobility. We will reduce our CO2-emissions and using our core product, the bicycle, we will also develop solutions for other companies so they can operate more sustainably and climate-friendly.



Sustainable materials

Our assortment of products will offer durable products for cycling which are as well-balanced environmentally as possible. They consist of sustainable, recycled or recyclable materials.



Low-energy trade & transport

Our product and shipment packaging will be produced as low-energy as possible using recycled, recyclable and renewable resources. We will adopt waste avoidance policies, while of course still meeting quality assurance requirements. Shipping packaging will also be designed for maximum space optimization to prevent voids. We will also work together with our manufacturers and suppliers to create solutions that reduce packaging and shipping materials for inbound logistics.



Social responsibility + fair working conditions

ROSE wants to be a responsible employer. Part of that is improving the attractiveness of our locations, especially of our headquarters in Bocholt. At the same time, we are motivating our suppliers and partners to ensure fair working conditions and to protect and support their employees - without being morally overbearing or too much of an idealist. Worker protection and equality are especially important in our business. We respect that such topics must be addressed with cultural and regional differences in mind. However, we do not shy away from addressing them when necessary.



Environmentally-friendly production + workplace

A resource saving, digital, and biodiverse infrastructure combined with a matching attitude among colleagues will allow ROSE to save an enormous amount of CO2. We are all actively working together to further develop our missions and supporting to achieve the common goal of climate-neutrality by 2025.